Reverse a Journal Entry

Reverse journal entry postings without having to re-enter any of the data.

At least one Reverse Journal Entry Posting Group must exist before you can reverse a journal entry. To set one up, go to Financial > Setup > Posting Groups > Reverse Journal Entry Posting Group. For additional information, see Posting Group Setup.
If a journal entry has an error, you can easily post a reversal if you prefer it to creating an adjusting entry.
  1. Go to Financial > Setup > Reverse Journal Entry.
  2. In the Journal Sequence field, select the ellipses.
    A list of previously posted journal entries appears.
  3. Choose an entry which has not already been reversed.
  4. Select OK.
  5. (Optional) Edit the Reverse Posting Date, Memo, and Description fields.
    Note: A reversal must be dated on or after the posting date of the original entry.
  6. Select Save and Post Reverse Journal to post the reversing entry.
The Document Source is now Reverse Journal.