Enter Inventory Usage Return screen

Use the Enter Inventory Usage Return screen to return unused inventory items from use on a profit center to inventory.

To open the Enter Inventory Usage Return screen, click Materials > Inventory > Enter Inventory Usage Return in the All Tasks pane.

CAUTION: You should always enter inventory entries in the order they occurred and you should always post inventory entries immediately to ensure that inventory quantities and values are updated correctly.
Note: If the quantity on hand for an item is negative and you receive a quantity into inventory, ProContractor updates the unit cost of the item to the receiving unit cost. ProContractor also creates a negative lot adjustment to write off the loss in the general ledger.
Tip: Viewpoint recommends checking inventory values regularly. The longer inventory issues exist, the more problems can occur. Use the View Warehouse Quantities screen to spot check item counts, and run the Inventory to General Ledger Reconciliation screen report to check that inventory values are correct.