Enter Inventory Usage Return Screen Field Reference

General tab



Posting Group

Enter the code for the Inventory Usage Return Posting Group screen for the inventory usage return entry or click to select the posting group from a Lookup List.

Posting Date

Defaults to the current date. If needed, enter the date for the inventory usage return entry or click to select the date from a Date Picker.


Enter any comments or notes about the inventory usage return entry.

Distribution tab

Use the Distribution tab to enter usage returns for inventory items. Each row in the grid is an inventory usage record for the profit center. Most of the fields are display only. The only enterable field is Returned Quantity.




Displays a unique identifier for this line item.

Original Posting Group

Displays the original posting group for the line item.

Original Posting Date

Displays the original posting date for the line item.

Posting Journal Sequence Number

Displays the original posting journal sequence number for the line item.

Cost Code

Displays the cost code for the line item.


Enter the About the Enter Change Management Record screen for the line item or click to select the change management record from a Lookup List.

Cost Type

Displays the cost type for the line item.


Displays the division for the cost code. If there is no division on the cost code, displays the division for the profit center.


Displays the general ledger account for the line item.

Use Tax Authority

Displays the use tax authority for the line item.


Displays whether the line item is taxable.

Asset Company

Displays the asset company for the distribution line.

Note: If the asset company is different than the company selected in the header, an Intercompany Setup screen posting will be generated when the entry is saved.


Displays the code of the warehouse for the line item.


Displays the code of the inventory item for the line item.


Displays the original quantity for the line item.

Unit Cost

Displays the unit cost for the line item.


Displays the total original dollar amount for the line item.

Meter Reading

Displays the meter reading for the line item.

Meter UOM

Displays the meter unit of measure for the line item.

Meter Date

Displays the date of the last meter reading for the line item.

Returned Quantity

Enter the quantity of the item to return to inventory.

Quantity UOM

Displays the unit of measure for the return

Returned Amount

Displays the dollar amount of the item being returned to inventory.