Catalog Item screen

Use the Catalog Item screen to store information that is useful for inventory tracking. This screen contains a record for each inventory item maintained in ProContractor that you can purchase, sell, use to maintain equipment, or use on projects. When you create your item catalog, you assign a code to each item in your inventory. That code represents the item throughout ProContractor.

You can include items when you create purchase orders, time & material invoices, and subcontracts. You can also use the inventory functions to record item usage, move items between warehouses, and update quantities.

Use the Default Item screen to set default values for new catalog items.

The items you create are available throughout ProContractor. They are not tied to any single company.

Note: To open the Catalog Item screen, click Materials > Setup > Catalog Item in the All Tasks pane.
Note: The Catalog Item screen is a step in the Material Setup process. The Vendor Pricing Agreement screen is the next step.