Project Settings screen

To open the Project Settings screen, click Projects > Setup > Project Settings in the All Tasks pane.

Use the Project Settings screen to control various project settings, including:

  • Closed Project Password: A project with a status of Inactive is considered a closed project. You can set a password that will be required in order to open an inactive project or to save an entry associated with an inactive project.

  • Enable Posting Account and Overhead Control: By default, ProContractor checks the six levels of the project cost posting account hierarchy to determine the cost account for a project-related transaction. You can control which levels of the hierarchy will be checked. The levels are:
    • Cost Type

    • Project Classification

    • Project

    • Project Cost Code

    • Change Management Record

    • Change Management Record Cost Code

  • WIP Options: Percent complete calculations for all projects are performed by comparing posted costs to either the budget or to the cost at completion. You can control which one of these values (budget or cost at completion) is used in percent complete calculations.

  • Change Order Defaults and Options: You can specify default values and behavior for change management records and owner change orders that are created for a project.

  • Forecasted Cost Calculation: You can control the steps involved in calculating forecasted cost for a project and the order in which the steps are performed.

  • Auto Assign Project Number Options: You always have the option to manually assign project numbers to projects. However, you can also specify options that enable ProContractor to automatically assign project numbers in sequence.

Note: The Project Settings screen is a step in the initial setup process. The Equipment Settings screen is the next step.