Generate Vendor Payments screen

Use the Generate Vendor Payments screen to generate and print checks in a vendor payment posting group. You can generate draft checks (with no check numbers assigned) or final checks (with check numbers assigned). If needed, you can also save a copy of the printed checks.

Note: You can use the Modify Forms screen to modify the format and layout of this form. Use the Bank Account screen to select the form to use for printing checks.

If you have printed final checks for a vendor payments posting group and you are satisfied with the result (that is, all checks were successfully printed with no paper jams or other printer problems), you can also use this screen to indicate that printing is complete for all the computer-printed checks in a posting group. When you do this, the status of all checks in the posting group changes to Ready to Post.

If you have printed final checks and encountered issues (for example, paper jams or other printer problems), you can reprint or renumber the checks with issues. You can choose to reprint checks immediately or at a later time if needed. When you choose to reprint at a later time, ProContractor automatically changes the status of the correctly printed checks to Ready to Post and leaves the remaining checks in a Draft status. You can post the checks in the posting group that have a status of Ready to Post even if there are other checks in the posting group that have a Draft status.

The Generate Vendor Payments screen also displays two quick links at the top right that enable you to quickly navigate to related screens. Use the Vendor Payment Posting Journal quick link to view payments that are ready to be posted, or use the Post Vendor Payments quick link to post vendor payments.

Note: To open the Print Vendor Payments screen, click Vendors > Payments > Generate Vendor Payments in the All Tasks pane.
Note: From the Generate Vendor Payments screen, you can quickly navigate to related screens by using the following quick links at the top right:
  • Vendor Payment Posting Journal
  • Post Vendor Payments