Enter Purchase Order screen

Use the Enter Purchase Order screen to create and manage purchase orders. You can create a purchase order for a specific project or equipment item or you can specify the project or equipment item on each line of the purchase order. You can also create purchase orders for general ledger only transactions.

In addition, you can create a PDF file of a purchase order form that you can view, print, or attach to an e-mail. ProContractor automatically attaches the PDF file to its associated record in a binder item.

Tip: You can use the Modify Forms screen to modify the format and layout of this form.

You must have the software required to open a PDF file—such as Adobe Reader—installed on your computer to be able to view it. You can also send an e-mail with the PDF file as an attachment. You must have MAPI-compliant e-mail software—such as Microsoft Outlook—installed on your computer to send an e-mail message with an attachment.

You can create a purchase from an estimate to create and print purchase orders for materials listed on an estimate.

Note: To open the Enter Purchase Order screen, click Vendors > Purchases > Enter Purchase Order in the All Tasks pane.
Note: After you enter a purchase order, you may want to: