View Purchase Order Log screen

Use the View Purchase Order Log screen to create a list of purchase orders. You can select to view purchase orders for a specific company, vendor, project, equipment item, and/or order stage.

If the PDF file of the purchase order form has been created, you can view it, print it, or attach it to an e-mail from this screen. You must have the software required to open a PDF file—such as Adobe Reader—installed on your computer to be able to view it. You must have MAPI-compliant e-mail software—such as Microsoft Outlook—installed on your computer to send an e-mail message with an attachment.

You can customize the way the data is displayed using filters, calculations, groups, and more. See Customize Grids for details.

Note: To open the View Purchase Order Log screen, click Vendors > Purchases > View Purchase Order Log in the All Tasks pane.