Item Purchase History screen

Use the Item Purchase History screen to create a report of the purchasing history of one or more items. You can print or save this report.

Note: To open the Item Purchase History screen, click Vendors > Reports > Purchase Orders > Item Purchase History in the All Tasks pane.

You can control the output of the Item Purchase History report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:

  • Select Format - If you have modified the format and layout of this report on the Modify Reports screen, click to select the version to use for this report. If you haven't modified the report, this field doesn't appear.

Company - Click to select one or more companies for the report. If no companies are selected, all companies appear in the report.

  • Item - Click to select one or more items for the report. This field is required.

  • Display the Last # of Purchases - Enter the number of purchases for the report, starting with the most recent purchase. This field is required.