Vendor Compensation Report screen

Use the Vendor Compensation Report screen to create a report of payments made to vendors for a selected date range. You can specify whether to show all payments or just payments that must be reported on Forms 1099 (in the United States) or T5018 slips (in Canada). You can print or save this report.

Note: To open the View Vendor Transactions screen, go to Vendors > Reports > Vendor Compensation Report.
You can control the output of the Vendor Transactions report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:
  • Report From Date - Enter the start date for the report, select the date from a Date Picker, or select to enter a date formula. If you want to save the information in the date field when you save the report options, you must use a date formula. This field is required.
  • Report Through Date - Enter the end date for the report. This field is required.
  • Company - Select one or more companies for the report. If no companies are selected, all companies appear in the report.
  • Vendor - Select one or more vendors for the report. If no vendors are selected, all vendors appear in the report.
  • Project - Select one or more projects for the report. If no projects are selected, all projects appear in the report.
  • Only Print Vendors With Reportable Payments - Select the checkbox to include only vendors with 1099 (in the United States) or T5018 (in Canada) reportable payments in the report. Deselect the checkbox to show all vendors in the report.
  • Compensation Type - Select one or more vendor compensation types for the report. You must select at least one compensation type for the report.
  • Detailed/Summary - Select Detailed to show the payment date and transaction number for each payment made to a vendor. Select Summary to show payment totals by compensation type and vendor.
Tip: You can use the Modify Reports screen to customize the format and layout of this report.