Print Forms 1099-MISC (U.S.) screen

Use the Print Forms 1099-MISC screen to generate Forms 1099-MISC for your vendors. You can print the report on a blank Form 1099-MISC or create file forms electronically using Aatrix Report Filing.

Businesses in the United States are required by law to report payment of certain types of non-employee income to federal agencies after the final payments have been processed for a calendar year. Form 1099-MISC lists total amount of all vendor invoices where the 1099 Type field is one of the 1099-MISC values. You are required to create a Form 1099-MISC for every vendor that meets the threshold established by the IRS. For each vendor that meets this threshold, you need to print five copies of Form 1099-MISC. For example:

  • You file Copy A with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • The vendor files Copy B with a federal income tax return.
  • You keep Copy C as a record.
  • You file Copy 1 with the state tax authority.
  • The vendor files Copy 2 with a state income tax return.
Note: For printing Forms 1099-MISC, the current version of ProContractor supports only laser 2-up forms (that is, two forms per sheet for a laser printer). Contact Trimble Viewpoint to order forms.

If you are required to file a Form 1099-MISC for a vendor, you must give or mail the form to that vendor by January 31. If you are filing paper copies of your Forms 1099 with the IRS, you must submit them by the last day of February; if you are filing electronically, you must submit your forms by March 31.

Viewpoint recommends that you save the Forms 1099-MISC you generate, in case you need to reprint them later.

Note: To open the Print Forms 1099-MISC screen, click Vendors > Year End > Print Forms 1099-MISC in the All Tasks pane.
You can control the output of the Print Forms 1099-MISC report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:
  • Select Format - This option appears only if you have modified the format and layout of this form on the Modify Forms screen. Click to select the version to be used for this form.
  • Company - Click to select the company for the report. This field is required.

  • Tax Year - Click to select the tax year for the report.
  • Vendor - Click to select one or more vendors for the report. If no vendors are selected, all vendors appear in the report.
For more information, see the following topics:
Note: The Print Forms 1099-MISC screen is a step in the end-of-year vendor process. The Print Forms 1099-NEC (U.S.) Screen is the next step.