Print Forms 1099-NEC (U.S.) Screen

Follow IRS guidelines when determining suitability and timing of Form 1099-NEC. As needed, use the Print Forms 1099-NEC screen to generate Forms 1099-NEC for your vendors.

Use of Aatrix is required to submit Form 1099-NEC using ProContractor.
  • You can print the report on a blank Form 1099-NEC for no additional cost.
    Tip: Save the Forms 1099-NEC you generate, in case you need to reprint them later.
  • You can create and file forms electronically if you enroll with Aatrix.

    See Aatrix Report Filing for instructions to download and install Aatrix and configure it with ProContractor.

To open the Print Forms 1099-NEC screen, go to Vendors > Year End > Print Forms 1099-NEC.

The Print Forms 1099-NEC screen is a step in the end-of-year vendor process. The Print Forms 1099-INT (U.S.) screen is the next step.