Print Forms T5018 (Canada) screen

Use the Print Forms T5018 screen to generate a T5018 Statement of Contract Payments report for your vendors. You can print the report on a blank T5018 slip or create and file forms electronically using Aatrix Report Filing.

Businesses in Canada are required by law to report payment to construction subcontractors to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for either the calendar year or fiscal year. You are required to submit a T5018 slip for every vendor that meets the threshold established by the CRA.

Note: The current version of ProContractor does not support electronic filing of T5018 slips.

If you are required to file a T5018 slip for a vendor, you must submit the slips and a T5018 Summary to the CRA within six months of the end of the reporting period.

Note: You must specify the reporting period you will use for filing T5018 slips with the CRA.

You do not have to give subcontractors with a copy of their T5018 slip. If you do give copies to your subcontractors , you don't need to include your federal identification number.

Viewpoint recommends that you save the T5018 slips you generate, in case you need to reprint them later.

Note: To open the Print Forms T5018 screen, click Vendors > Year End > Print Forms T5018 in the All Tasks pane.
You can control the output of the Print Forms T5018 report by entering details in one or more of the following fields on the Options tab:
  • Company - Click to select the company for the report. This field is required.
  • Tax Year - Click to select the tax year for the forms.
  • Vendor - Click to select one or more vendors for the report. If no vendors are selected, all vendors appear in the report.
  • Printing Copy to Give to Contractor - Select the checkbox to create the report for the vendor and exclude the Payer's Account Number from the report.
For more information, see the following topics:
Note: The Print Forms T5018 screen is a step in the end-of-year vendor process. The Print T5018 slips is the next step.