Transition from American Contractor

Welcome to ProContractor™!

This section is written specifically for former users of American Contractor™ to help you get started with ProContractor. It directs you to the functions you need and helps you understand the differences in the programs.

Note: To jump right in and start using ProContractor, see the Getting Started section of the Help.

Use this section to translate your American Contractor tasks to your new ProContractor software. Though the layout of the programs may seem different, American Contractor and ProContractor have similar navigation methods. Where American Contractor was organized into centers to group each cluster of functions (such as the Vendor Center, Construction Center, and Workforce Center), ProContractor functions are grouped into modules (such as Vendors, Projects, Employees), which are organized in the All Tasks pane on the left side of the ProContractor screen.

Note: The All Tasks pane might be hidden to make your work area on the ProContractor screen larger. When the All Tasks pane is hidden, just mouse over on the left side of the screen to display it. You can also click or press [F9] to pin the All Tasks menu so that it displays at all times.

As you learn to use ProContractor, you will notice some differences in terminology from American Contractor. Some of the high-level terminology differences are as follows:

American Contractor Term

ProContractor Term

Customer Center

Customers Module

Construction Center

Projects Module

Vendor Center

Vendors Module

Workforce Center

Employees Module

Company Center

Financial Module

Job Number

Project Code

Tracking Code

Cost Code


Posting Group



Remember that you can press F1 from any screen in ProContractor to access the online Help. While Help topics are written to assist you in performing ProContractor tasks, some Help topics also contain information about American Contractor.

This section is organized according to the American Contractor centers and the tasks you performed in each center. You will find sections for the following:

Get Started with ProContractor

See the following topics for more details about getting started with ProContractor.