Workforce Center Payroll Functions

In American Contractor, you used the Workforce Center to perform payroll tasks, including creating time cards and payroll checks.

In ProContractor, you can easily access functions for all of these tasks in the All Tasks pane. They are grouped according to their purpose:

  • Functions for adding new employees and updating other files are grouped under Employees > Setup.

  • Functions for entering manual time cards, generating auto pay time cards, and printing payroll checks are grouped under Employees > Payroll.

  • Functions for voiding payroll checks are grouped under Employees > Void Payroll.

Note: ProContractor automatically calculates taxes and deductions when you manually enter a payroll time card, so you no longer need to run the Auto Calculate function when you enter payroll. You only need to run ProContractor's similar function, Calculate Taxes and Deductions screen, in certain situations (for example, if you generated auto pay time cards, imported time cards, or changed a payroll setting).

This section describes how to perform Workforce Center Payroll tasks in ProContractor. See the following topics for details: