Installation Overview

Whenever a module is added in Spectrum, two steps are required: the module must be specified in the Company Installation screen, and the module-specific installation screens must be completed.

Part I: Make sure the Accounts Payable module is selected in Company Installation

  1. On the Site Map, click System Administration and then click Installation.

  2. From the Installation list, select Company Installation.

    Note: The Company Installation screen should have been previously completed by the System Administrator.
  3. Ensure that the checkbox for the Accounts Payable module has been selected.

Part II : Complete the Accounts Payable Installation

  1. On the System Administration > Installation menu, click Accounts Payable.

  2. Complete the Installation settings, using the Help when more information is needed for specific fields. You will complete the Installation screens once, and will only need to return to them when changes are needed.