Accounts Payable Installation - Invoice Approval

The Invoice Approval Routing process allows you to optionally track invoices by routing them through reviewers for approval.

  • To activate the approval process, select the Use Invoice Approval processing checkbox.

  • Once you have activated the routing feature, you can set up a sequence of reviewers using the Invoice Approval Routing Maintenance screen. Once you have established a routing sequence, use the Invoice Approval screen to view invoices that have been entered and routed in the software.



Use Invoice Approval Processing?

Select this checkbox if you want to use the Invoice Approval process.

If this checkbox is clear, the A/P invoice approval section in Job Cost > Job Setup will be shaded and disabled.

Selecting this checkbox allows invoices to be added to the unapproved invoice processing files when created elsewhere in the system, for example, Materials Management freight and material purchases, Payroll amounts, and Purchase order receiving. Otherwise, all invoices will be added to Invoice / Credit Memo Entry.

Set invoice to unposted when no routing code defaults?

Select this checkbox if you want invoices automatically sent to an A/P batch in A/P Vendor Invoice Entry when there is no routing code default. When this checkbox is selected, the system will determine if the imported AP invoice will be routed or not.

Standard default routing code

Routing codes are used to determine the order in which invoices are reviewed.

Invoice dollar limit

Enter the default invoice dollar limit for invoice approval for the default routing code, if applicable. Invoices totaling more than this amount will be assigned another code by the software.

Default routing code if over limit

Enter the default routing code to use for invoices exceeding the limit.

Default security for new operators

Enter the default security level assigned to new employees.

Operator Security

Code Name

The reviewer code and name appear in these fields

Security level

This column lists invoice approval security levels for various operators set up to use the software. This column only displays those operators who have security for the Invoice Approval screen already.

Use the drop-down menu at the Security level field to select the level of editing that will be permitted in the Invoice Approval Distribution window (located in Invoice Approval).

In Spectrum v14.10 and later, in Function Security Maintenance separate security settings are available for the Vendor Invoices screen for the New Invoice and Delete Invoice features, and to restrict users from editing the header fields of an existing invoice (including the sub-windows).

Note: Security for Invoice Approval can also be set up in Operator Maintenance.

Access all lists?

Select the Access all lists checkbox for those operators who will be permitted to access the unapproved invoices of other reviewers in the Invoice Approval screen (located on the Accounts Payable Data Entry menu).

Note: Security for Invoice Approval can also be set up in Operator Maintenance.