Assigning Tracking Codes to Vendors or Subcontracts

After you have set up your tracking codes, assign them to specific vendors and subcontractors.

  • Enter a vendor and subcontract number to assign these codes to a specific subcontract.

  • Enter only the vendor code if this insurance certificate is to be used for any subcontracts for the vendor.

The system will first look for tracking codes assigned to the vendor plus subcontract number. Once it has completed those codes, it will then move to any codes just set up on the vendor.

  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Maintenance > Document Tracking Items.
  2. Enter the appropriate vendor code and subcontract number.
  3. Add the tracking codes created above.
  4. For INS_EXPIRE, enter the expiration date of the insurance certificate in the Date field. For INS_30DAYS, enter a date 30 days prior to the insurance certificate's expiration in the Date field.
  5. Save your changes.