Use Tax Management - Purchase Order Hierarchy

  1. If the invoice is charged to a job, and the job tax classification checkbox is selected in the installation screen, the software will look first to Job File Maintenance to see if there is a tax class code entered. If there is a tax class code, tax will be calculated based on that information for items that have been identified as taxable. If no tax class code is in Job File Maintenance, the software will then look to the purchase order header to determine tax codes to be used, if any.
  2. Job Purchase Orders - use tax shows as non-taxable, and the line item totals will not change, but the tax rate displays. The vendor's sales tax rate will be overridden on the PO by the job tax rate.
  3. The Accounts Payable Use Tax Report, which can be run for either Sales or Use tax, in detail or in summary.
  4. Open commitments do not include tax amounts for either sales or use tax.