About Vendors

Use this screen to maintain vendor information and to review current balances along with month-to-date and year-to-date data. Set up defaults for payment terms, tax codes, and G/L accounts; record vendor notes; and associate user-defined fields with vendor files. Begin by entering a vendor code in the Search field. If you leave the Search field blank and click the Go button, the screen will return a list of valid vendor codes.

Follow these best practices when setting up new vendors:

  • Be consistent with the company's existing coding scheme.

  • Codes can be up to ten digits and contain both letters and numbers.

  • Be consistent in code length. If you use a six digit code, always use a six digit code.

  • Never use SuperSelect characters in your vendor code!

Use the Info Bar on the left side of the screen to access other vendor-related screens such as Subcontracts, Purchase Orders, Document Tracking, Recurring Invoices, Rejected Invoices, payment and discount terms, and more.

Choose the Vendor Contacts link to manage those contacts assigned to this vendor.

Warning: Use caution when deleting vendor files. Vendors with open balances and payment history may not be removed. Even after payment has been made in full, you might save the vendor records until online history of those transactions is no longer needed.

Merge vendors