A/P Transaction Register - Cost Center Information

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, the starting screen includes a selection for a cost group, and you have the ability to set up separate inter-post and inter-company G/L accounts.

  • The A/P Transaction Registers will include invoices only if the operator requesting the report has permission to access the associated cost center. The cost center used for comparison purposes with the operator's allowed codes is the cost center recorded on the main screen of Vendor Invoice Entry.

  • The Summary Transaction Register provides the cost center assigned to each invoice. This is the cost center recorded on the main screen of Vendor Invoice Entry. The Transaction Register and the Detail Transaction Register reports show both the invoice cost center and the cost centers assigned to the detail distribution.

  • Spectrum determines whether all distribution lines of the invoice are assigned to the same cost center as in the invoice header. For multi-company entries, the software will read the company code of the distribution line, and then determine if that company code has been assigned a particular inter-company G/L account. For entries in the invoice company, the Accounts Payable Installation setup of the invoice company is used, and for the entries to the company referenced in the distribution, the Accounts Payable Installation setup of that other company is applied. Inter-post entries are not applicable for these transaction lines.

  • When cost centers are used and the Enterprise Installation option for Allow G/L account overrides by cost center is selected, Spectrum will assign inter-posting amounts and discount taken amounts to multiple General Ledger accounts by cost center based on a list of override G/L accounts in Accounts Payable Installation. In addition, Spectrum will assign Accounts Payable trade, subcontract, retention, cash and discount amounts to multiple General Ledger accounts, by cost center based on a list of override G/L accounts in the respective Override windows in Accounts Payable Installation.

  • When overrides are set up, Spectrum automatically substitutes the designated G/L account specified in Accounts Payable Installation as an override for lines referencing the cost center with the override account. The operator is not required to possess cost center authorization in order to write to this override G/L account in order to update.

  • When cost centers are set to Yes in the current company, the applicable inter-post account entries are generated for credit card transactions and pre-paid invoices. Likewise, when cost centers are used, the registers and update only include 'credit card' invoices and credit memos that the operator is allowed to access.

  • When the cost center is assigned to the Current VAT and Retention VAT G/L entries, detailed above, the software will not validate whether the invoice cost center is authorized for the particular G/L account (from the VAT Tax Code Table).