Approval Performance Report

This report displays the performance of unapproved invoices and can be run according to reviewer or job.

  • Any jobs that you do not have security access to are excluded from the report.
  • This report lists all invoices and their corresponding date of entry, total amounts, and routing history.
  • An invoice can show up in multiple reviewers' lists.
  • This report is not intended as a means for reviewers to see the total unapproved invoice amounts; the Unapproved Invoice Edit Listing is recommended for checking totals.
  • This report is at the invoice level, not the detail distribution level. This means that when you print this report by Job, it includes the entire invoice amount even when the invoice has been split between two or more jobs.
    Note: Each AP invoice can store only one job number in the "header" table. The job stored is based on the first detail distribution line on the invoice. If you want to obtain amounts completely by job number, distribute each invoice to a single job.