Assign Invoice Approval Routing Code to a Vendor

You can assign default routing codes to subcontractors, vendors, or jobs in their respective maintenance screens.

Set up Invoice Routing codes in the Invoice Approval Routing Maintenance screen.

For more information on routing hierarchies, refer to Detail Approval Performance Report By Job - Sample Report.

To assign a default routing code to a vendor:

  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Maintenance > Vendors.
  2. In the Search field, enter a vendor code.
  3. On the Vendor Info Bar, select Defaults to open the Vendor Defaults page.
  4. If the fields are disabled, select Edit.
  5. In the Invoice approval section, you can enter or select a default routing code for this vendor. You can also specify an Invoice dollar limit and an alternative routing code in case any invoice from this vendor exceeds the limit.
  6. Select Save to retain your changes and disable the fields.