Invoice Approval - Field Descriptions: Grid

Use this table for reference when completing the grid portion of this screen. Only the Approve/Confirm and Reject checkboxes allow entry. All other fields are display-only.



Group by

If you select one of the 'Group by' options, rows will display their shared values/entries. Exceptions include: for dates, the earliest date displays; for dollar amounts, the sum displays; for the Hold column, all items will be checked if any were checked. -

Selection checkbox

Use these checkboxes to identify the invoices you want to approve, reject, or clear, and then click the corresponding action button.

The invoice status will change to Confirmed on those invoices where the operator is the confirmer, and to Approved on those invoices where the operator is NOT the confirmer.



The vendor code and name displays in these fields.

Invoice #

The invoice number displays in this field.


The invoice type (Invoice or Credit Memo) displays in this field.


Status types include Unapproved, Approved, and Rejected. If a transaction is approved for confirmation, the status will be Ready to confirm, and Confirmed after being selected for approval.

Status image

This column displays a green check if the status is Approved, red 'x' if the status is Rejected, or blank.


A blue icon displays if there is at least one routing note record present for the selected invoice. Select the line item and click the Routing / Notes button to open the Invoice Approval Routing History window window where you can view existing notes or add a new note. Once a note is added, it cannot be deleted or edited.

Unassigned phases

If there are any unassigned phases on this invoice, a red exclamation mark will display in this column.

Total Amount

This is the same amount that displays in the heading section of Vendor Invoice Entry. Credit memos display as negative numbers.

PO #

When the cursor is on a row with a valid purchase order number, data populates the Purchase Order Info Bar.

Accrued PO

This column will display 'YES' if Purchase Order costs were previously accrued for the invoice, and the adjustment amount will be displayed in the invoice distribution section of this window.


When the cursor is on a row with a valid subcontract number, data populates the Subcontract Info Bar.

Note: If a rejected invoice originated from Subcontract Kiosk, that billing will be returned to the My Subcontract Billing Entry screen in Subcontract Kiosk.


The job code for the invoice displays in this field.

Invoice remarks

If present, invoice remarks display from the invoice header.


If the invoice is currently on hold, this column will be checked.

Rejected by

If the invoice has been rejected, the reviewer's ID will display in this field.

Invoice date

The invoice date displays in this column.

$ before tax

This is the same amount that displays in the heading section of Vendor Invoice Entry as 'Total before tax'.


This is the same amount that displays in the heading section of Vendor Invoice Entry.
Note: If VAT processing is being used, this number will include the 'Total VAT' amount.


This checkbox is selected if the Instant manual check option is selected in the Payment Details window of Vendor Invoice Entry.

Discount date

If a discount was applied, the discount date will display in this field.

Discount $

The discount amount defaults from the invoice header.

Last reviewer

The Operator who entered the invoice or last approved it displays in this field. This field is helpful as a grouping option when reviewing invoices.

Cost center

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, the cost center assigned to the invoice header will display in this field.