Invoice Approval - Field Descriptions: Invoice Distribution

Use this table for reference when completing the invoice distribution portion of this screen.

Click the Assign Phase button or click anywhere in this section to display the Invoice Distribution Entry window. Distribution changes are permitted based on security settings, but changes cannot be made to subcontract billing invoices here, instead the Edit invoice link must be used.

A red exclamation point icon displays if the reviewer is not the originator and the invoice has any unassigned phases/cost types.



Assign Phase button

Click this button to display the Invoice Distribution Entry window where you can make changes to the phase and/or cost type. This button only displays if you have Invoice Approval security authorization as set up in Operator Maintenance or Accounts Payable Installation.

Note: If you are adding a phase/cost type that requires contract labor hours, you must edit the invoice and add the contract labor hours in Vendor Invoice Entry.

Edit Invoice link

This link displays conditionally (based on security settings) and is used to access the Vendor Invoice Entry screen where you can make changes to billing item assignments and related subcontract-specific information.

Routing / Notes button

Select a record and click this button to open the Invoice Approval Routing History window.