Invoice Approval Confirmation window

Use this window to finalize processing of invoices and credit memos routed through Invoice Approval.

When an invoice is confirmed, the system adds it to Vendor Invoice Entry as an unposted item.

To complete the process, preview and print the A/P Transaction Register, and then update the register to transfer the appropriate amounts to Job Cost, General Ledger, and vendor accounts.

If using Approval Limits

Routing Codes using Approval Limits skip reviewers if a previous reviewer's Approval limit is equal to or higher than the Total amount of the invoice.

If this has occurred, the confirmation step will have removed skipped approvers when it added the invoice to the system. That is, the system retains only the history of the reviewers that actually authorized the invoice, as well as their approval limits.

This history remains on all unposted, posted, and paid invoices.