Invoice Approval Update window

Use this window to set the status for this invoice based on the button you clicked on the Invoice Approval screen, and to send the invoice to the next routing operator.

  • If you want to accept the defaults as they appear in the window, press Enter and the software will save this information and close the window.

  • When confirming invoices, Spectrum evaluates whether the each invoice was purchased wit ha credit card; if it was, the software stores the G/L date from the Invoice Approval confirmation window as the credit card transaction date. The transaction date is automatically set to the G/L date assigned during confirmation when using Invoice Approval.




The vendor code and name displays.

Entry type

The entry type displays (invoice or credit memo).

Invoice no.

The invoice number displays.

Reviewer 2

The operator ID and name for the next reviewer displays. The prompt text also indicates the reviewer number in the routing queue; for example, "Reviewer 2."


The status of the invoice displays based on the button you clicked on the Invoice Approval screen.

Example of how the Invoice Approval status works:

  1. Reviewer #1 'Approves' and send along an invoice.

  2. Now it is in Reviewer #2's queue. The status is 'Unapproved' because this reviewer (#2) needs to do something. To have arrived at this condition, it is implied that reviewer #1 has Approved it (or it would not be here).

  3. If Reviewer #2 'Approves' this invoice and sends it along to the next reviewer, it will be 'Unapproved' yet again because Reviewer #3 has yet to review the invoice.

  4. If instead of approving the invoice, Reviewer #2 rejects it, the invoice will reappear in Reviewer #1's queue and will be 'Unapproved' because this reviewer has to perform some new action.

  5. If an invoice is 'Rejected' all the way back to the originator, the status will say 'Rejected' right when it arrives.

    In all cases, an operator can choose to set the status but not send it along to the next queue. In this case, the reviewer has still performed an action and the software saves this new information.

Complete review

Select one of the following options to complete the review:

  • Review is complete. Send to next operator.

  • Review pending. Set current status but do not send.