Reverse Vendor Invoice - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Enter the vendor code associated with the invoice or credit memo that you want to reverse. Based on the entered vendor code, the name and address fields will be completed by the software.

Invoice #

Enter the number of the invoice/credit memo to be reversed. Based on the entered number, the remaining fields on the screen will be completed by the software. A search window is available for viewing open items.

Invoice type

Select the entry type of the record that has already been updated.

Invoice total

The invoice total, including sales tax, displays. Credit memos display as a negative amount. Click the View button to open the Vendor Invoice Inquiry window and view the original transaction.

New credit memo or New invoice


Enter a batch code or click the available drop-down arrow to display the Search Unposted A/P Invoice Batches window and make a selection.

G/L date

The G/L date displays based on the current Accounts Payable processing date. A window is available for looking up the current company's Fiscal Calendar.

Invoice date

The current date defaults, or you can select a different date.

Date Validation in AR and AP Invoices

AR Customer invoices allow you to require that the invoice dates are validated. This protection helps you to make sure that you balance your monthly billings with G/L revenue for the period.

AP Vendor invoices, on the other hand, do not require (or offer) date validation. This is because you may wish to wait before sending an invoice du to disputes or not wanting the invoice on the aging yet, and more.

Invoice remark

Enter any comments you want to appear on the invoice or credit memo.

Copy vendor transaction

Create unposted copy of the original invoice (or credit memo)?

Select this option to create an unposted copy of the original invoice. This feature provides a convenient way to correct entry errors discovered after posting the transaction, such as distributing costs to the wrong job or phase.

Upon selecting this checkbox you will be prompted to enter a reference number for the new invoice. The Batch, G/L date, and Invoice date will default but may be changed, and an Invoice remark field allows you to enter some brief text (for example, "Correction to wrong job.")

A duplicate invoice will be created so that you can easily make the necessary corrections, and then repost the transaction.

New invoice #

Enter a unique invoice number for the new invoice; the system will verify that the number isn't already in use.


The current operator batch defaults, or you can use the available search feature to select a different batch.

G/L date

The current A/P processing date defaults; changes are allowed.

Invoice date

The current A/P processing date defaults; changes are allowed.

Invoice remark

Enter any relevant Remarks for this invoice or credit memo.

If there is a P.O. receiving associated with the invoice being reversed, messaging will still appear just below this field.