A/P Payment Processing

After invoices have been entered in Vendor Invoice Entry and updated using Invoice Transaction Register, this screen walks you through the invoice selection, payment, and update process.

After specifying a processing group, the assigned cost center (if applicable), vendors, and net cash outlay (and corresponding Vendor Payment Summary Inquiry window icon) default. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen; these will walk you through the processing steps based on where you are in the process. In addition, green check marks display adjacent to the actions that have been completed and the next step will display highlighted in green.

The buttons that display may vary depending on your company's setup. For example, if you are not using the Cash Management module, the Comdata buttons will be disabled because they are irrelevant.

  • The lookup icon next to the Processing group field opens the Processing Group Inquiry window. This inquiry window displays which payment methods are selected for the vendor, and the assigned cash accounts.
  • The lookup icon next to the Vendors selected field displays the Vendor Payment Summary Inquiry window. This inquiry window displays all payment totals for the selected vendors.

Overview of Payment Processing steps:

  1. Enter a Processing group.A Processing Group Inquiry window is available when accessing an existing processing group; and a New Processing Group window is available when a processing group is first initiated.
  2. Select items for payment using A/P Payment Selection.
  3. (Optional) Specify a different payee name or address for the check using Alternate Payee Entry.
  4. Review the Pre-Payment Register.
  5. If you are using ePayments for electronic vendor payments, the Generate ePayments Export File button will be enabled to create an export file.
  6. After the Pre-Payment Register has been printed and approved, the Print A/P Checks is used to print the checks.
  7. If the processing group includes any invoices to be paid using 'Electronic Payment', the Export Electronic Payments button will be enabled.
  8. If applicable, review the Progress Payment Lien Release Form (which compiles from checks in the current processing group selected in step 1). Furthermore, if Job Compliance Tracking is being used, when the lien releases are produced the documents will automatically be logged in a job compliance history log.
  9. After all checks have been successfully printed, the Payment Register is printed and updated.

    During this process, you can continue using Payment Selection, Alternate Payee Entry and the Pre-Payment Register while another group of checks is being printed and updated.

    Access to the processing group is only accessible from the Payment Processing menu.

    Note: Throughout Payment Processing, references to the check batch are referred to as "processing group" to avoid confusion between check processing groups and invoice batches.

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