Alternate Payee Entry

Use this screen to override the vendor name or address on a check; for example, to list two or more payees when a subcontractor is being paid for work done by one of his subcontractors. This screen can also be used when two or more checks are being issued to a single vendor during one payment cycle. Usually, when invoices are selected all payments for each vendor are combined so that only one check is issued (this prevents the unnecessary generation of eight checks when eight invoices are to be paid to the same vendor). At times it may be desirable to split payment onto more than one check; in this case, you can define which invoices should appear on which check.

  • Up to 99 checks may be generated per vendor per pay cycle.

  • When an alternate payee check results in a negative check amount, then all items for the vendor or subcontractor are automatically deselected.

  • This screen is an optional feature during payment processing. The top portion of the screen indicates the payee; the bottom portion of the screen indicates the invoice(s) and amount(s) being paid. Before using this screen, the invoice(s) you want to include must be selected for payment using the Invoices button.

  • Information entered here will be stored in the Vendor Check Reconciliation file (or the Cash Management Check Reconciliation file, if the information is being posted to the Cash Management module) for convenient viewing after the Payment Register has been processed.