Alternate Payees and Joint Checks Procedures

When issuing a check to a vendor, it is sometimes necessary to include either a second party on the check (joint checks) or a different payee. Rather than manually adding this information on the check, Spectrum provides the ability to specify alternate text for the "pay-to-the-order-of" recipient. "Joint checks" are the same as alternate payees. The following procedures will guide you through the various options available.

When setting up alternate payees and joint checks, Spectrum will assign sequence numbers to each entry. Normally sequence number 01 is reserved for the vendor's standard billing address. Any invoices not selected to be paid to an alternate payee 02 – 99 will automatically use the sequence 01 address. If sequence 01 has not been set up, Spectrum will use the vendor address found in Vendors.

Sequence numbers 02 through 99 are used to select the specific invoices that need to be paid to the Alternate Payee. For example, assume that your vendor has ten invoices ready to be paid. Three of those invoices are to be paid with a joint check. Under these circumstances, use sequence number 02 to enter the alternate payee's name. Next, click the Invoice button to select the three invoices to be paid to the alternate payee. In this example, the remaining seven invoices will default to the address on sequence 01. If sequence 01 has not been set up, Spectrum will use the vendor's address found in Vendors.

In the event that you regularly pay a vendor's invoice to an alternate address, the alternate payee process can be automated. Simply enter the vendor's corporate office information in as sequence 01. Assuming no other alternate payees are set up, all invoices will now use the corporate office's address.