Select all Invoices for One Vendor at a Time

If you have a few pages of vendor invoices to pay in the Payment Selection screen and you'd like to select invoices for a vendor at the end of the list, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Search button and enter in the vendor's code.
  2. Click OK and you will now see only the vendor you asked for.
  3. Select the desired invoices (or click Pay All to mark them all at once).

    If you want to view all eligible invoices once again:

  4. Click that Search button again, change the Vendor code field back to ALL.
  5. Click OK and you will now see all invoices including those selected a moment ago.

    The invoices marked for payment are still marked for payment. Remember that you can use the Search button to move quickly through the list, select one vendor's invoices, then move to another vendor and so on.