Electronic Payment Remittance Advice

This screen is accessible from the A/P Payments Processing menu after generating Electronic Payments. To assist the vendor in applying the payment correctly, when the checks are run you can generate a Remittance Advice form that explains the invoices and credit memos being paid via electronic payment. The same form will be provided for electronic payments generated both in ACH Format and AFT Format.

Comdata payments do not need Remittance Advices because they are sent automatically via e-mail from Comdata.

  • This screen will notify you if any vendors who were paid electronically but who are without stored email addresses, and by clicking the E-mail Exceptions button you can add more vendor email addresses via an Add E-Mail feature.

  • When the Generate E-Mail button is clicked, the software will compile separate PDF reports for each vendor with an email address plus an optional distribution report containing forms for the vendors without email.

  • After compiling the PDF reports, the software opens the E-Mail Forms starting screen, allowing you to review and send separate Remittance Advice forms to each vendor receiving an electronic payment. Click the Send E-Mail button to complete the process and send the forms.

Send Vendor Electronic Payment Remittance Forms