Electronic Payment Remittance Advice - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




The email subject defaults to say 'Remittance Advice', but you may edit this to say what you like (up to 215 characters).

Include company name in subject line?

Select this checkbox if you feel it will be helpful for the recipient to see the company name in the email subject line.

Message text

Enter the body of your email message here (up to 250 characters). The default says ‘Please see attached document."

Blind copy

Optionally enter the email addresses for people you'd like to send a blind copy (hidden from other recipients) to.

E-Mail Exceptions

This button will appear only when a vendor does not have an email address on the Vendor Main Properties page.

Click this button to open the Vendors with No E-Mail Address window and then click the Add E-Mail button to enter any additional email addresses for people who you'd like to receive this message.

Entries made here flow back to the Vendor’s Main Properties page automatically.

A separate Remittance Advice form will go to each vendor receiving an electronic payment.

Preview distribution report for vendors with no email?

Select this checkbox if you wish to review the distribution report when an email address is not present for a vendor. Click the Generate E-mail button to display the Electronic Payment Remittance Advice; the report includes a separate page for each vendor that does not have an email address.