Export Electronic Payments

Use this screen to create the ACH data file for submission to the bank, as well as generate vendor remittance advices. Electronic payment processing supports ‘negative payments’ (whereby funds are transferred from the vendor’s bank account to the company).

The Cash Management bank account to be used when generating the electronic data file was specified when the Processing Group was initiated in A/P Payment Selection. Based on the ‘Electronic payment format’ assigned to that bank account, this starting screen will offer input fields for ‘United States (ACH)’ or ‘Canada (AFT)’.

After displaying the default settings for the ACH or AFT file, the software will make sure the specified bank account is properly configured to receive payment. After verifying the bank account setup, the vendor setup is validated. If any errors are encountered, an explanatory message displays.

No multi-company processing of Vendor Electronic payments is provided, although a Payroll auto deposit file can be compiled across companies.

NOTE: If the 'Use secure download page for electronic files' option was selected on the Installation screen, ACH files processed on this screen will be sent to the Secure Electronic File Downloads screen for secure processing. Only users with a security level of 8 and above will be able to download ACH files on this screen.