A/P Payment Update

The Payment Register Update is used to record the alternate payee names and addresses in the check reconciliation files, for use with the Info-Link module. If the Cash Management module is used for reconcilement, the information is stored in the Cash Management Check Reconciliation file and Check Reconciliation History file.

  • After printing and reviewing the Payment Register, continue with this update. This feature will update check information to the Accounts Payable files and to General Ledger in detail.

  • Following this update, print and update the Payments G/L Register. If you do not have the appropriate security level for accessing the Payments G/L Detail Report screen, the software will return you to the Payment Processing Payment Register screen.

You cannot re-export electronic payment data files after the update has been performed. This is unlike Payroll where the file can be re-generated up until the next check run is initiated.

Note: Negative payments are not supported by Canadian banks, so invoices and credits assigned to a 'net negative electronic check' will not be processed. Instead these transactions will be returned to Open Items during the update. Also, because AFT does not utilize 'pre-notification', the 'Export Electronic Pre-Notification' is not supported for AFT file format.