Pre-Payment Register

The Pre-Payment Register is a listing, by vendor, of invoices selected for payment. The report includes the total payment for each vendor and a grand total for the entire check run. Use this listing to review selections before printing checks. Click the Preview button and the corresponding screen will display, allowing entry of the G/L account from which cash for the check run should be taken.

A/P Payment Selection is used to change the selected invoices which appear on the report, if necessary, before checks are run. In this case, the Pre-Payment Register must be reprinted. Be sure this report is correct before proceeding to print checks.

  • If a payment location code was specified in the Vendor Location screen, any invoices with matching vendor and location codes will be grouped together.

  • Credit memos applied to invoices may result in a negative amount. Checks for negative dollar amounts will not print.

  • Payment Processing separates job payments onto separate check sequences whenever a lien release is applicable, based on Document Tracking setup: looking first at the subcontract level and that at the vendor level. Payments not set up for 'Lien release' document tracking are not split out onto separate checks.

  • In order to process deselected items, the subcontract should be set up again in the Subcontracts screen. If a credit memo and invoice cancel each other resulting in zero dollars being owed to a vendor, a void check for $0.00 will print.

  • The Document Tracking Item Maintenance will create the possible tracking items to set up by vendor or subcontractor in the Vendor/Subcon Document Track screen.