Print A/P Checks

Use this screen to print checks for selected invoices. This screen accommodates contractors using custom forms. When this screen links to a custom form, an icon displays to indicate the presence of a custom form.

  • Document Tracking Item Maintenance will create the possible tracking items to set up by vendor or subcontractor in the Vendor/Subcon Document Track screen. Action 4 specifies that checks will not be selected for a vendor or subcontractor; this occurs during compilation of the Pre-Payment Register. During A/P Check Print, actions 5 and 6 will print a Check Distribution Report and Lien Release reports.
  • If the Print separate remittance advice checkbox in the A/P Installation screen is selected and the employee has deductions set up, a standard A/P remittance advice also prints. The remittance advice contains remarks and deduction or add-on amounts that are located on the Payroll Employee Deduction / Add-On screen. A remittance advice also prints if there are more invoices than will fit on the check. Additionally, if the Print separate remittance advice checkbox in the A/P Installation screen is left clear and multiple checks are produced for a vendor with many invoices, the check number on the heading portion of the remittance advice stub will show the check being paid rather than the void check number to avoid confusion.
  • The designated vendor payment location displays as the 'Payee' on the check (in place of the vendor's name and address from Vendor Main Properties), unless an 'Alternate Payee' has been designated.
  • Because this report only prints checks for non-Comdata vendors, this report deselects vendors to be paid through Comdata Virtual Card.
    Note: If using a report Filter (available from the Filter button on the bottom of this screen), if this is the first check run, then only the Print Options, File Copy, and Spoiled Checks values are saved and loaded. After the first check run, the From/To vendor and Reprint Options and all the starting/ending fields can be saved and loaded. The check number is never stored.

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