Printing Manual Checks Before Entering the Corresponding Invoices

Follow this procedure to create manual checks prior to entering invoices into Spectrum

  1. On the Site Map, click Accounts Payable > Data Entry > Vendor Invoices.
  2. In the Vendor field, enter the code for the vendor, double-click on this field to select from a list of available vendor codes.
  3. Enter the necessary information in the Invoice section of the screen, making sure to select the Pre-paid checkbox. The Pre-Paid Detail window displays automatically.
  4. Enter all the necessary pre-payment information in the Payment Details window and click OK.
  5. The Properties window displays. In the Payment portion of the window, enter the Payment date, Discount date, Discount amount, Retention date, and Retention amount.If discount and retention information is not applicable, simply leave these fields blank.
  6. Complete the line portion of the Vendor Invoice Entry screen by entering the appropriate G/L account code information to properly distribute the invoice, and click OK.
  7. The Invoice totals window displays. Upon verifying that all the information you've entered is correct for the invoice totals, select the Enter next invoice option and click OK. Click OK again to return to the Site Map.
  8. Print a manual check.
    Note: You can only print the manual check if the Print instant manual check checkbox is selected on the Accounts Payable Installation – Printing tab.
  9. Once the check has printed, on the Site Map, click Data Entry > Vendor Invoices.
  10. Click the Update button to display the A/P Transaction Register screen.
  11. Complete the fields in the Sort by and Selections sections and then click OK to update the check information to the other applicable Spectrum modules. The Prepaid Manual Check Register details which checks in the batch are pre-paid.
  12. Run the Transaction Register to update your entry to be included on the invoice/credit memo register.