A/P Transaction Register

The A/P Transaction Register prints a list of invoices and credit memos recorded in A/P Vendor Invoice Entry since the last update. It is followed by the A/P Transaction Update screen, providing the option to update the items included on the register. During the PO Receiving step, the register will display the previously accrued amount and the true-up amount for job PO costs. If the PO contains multiple rows, the true-up amount will be the summation of all rows.

There are many report variations, all of which include drill-down functionality for Document Imaging attachments.

  • If the multi-company feature is being used, the report will screen break between each company.

  • If the Post Detail checkbox is selected in Job Cost > Cost Type File Maintenance screen, the job cost history records will be updated with one history record per distribution line. For example, if an invoice contained multiple lines on the same job, phase, and cost type, each distribution line will be separated out in history rather than being summarized into one history record. If the cost type being posted is not set for detail posting, then one history record will be created per invoice per job, phase and cost type.

  • If you attempt to update while another user is "in progress," the software displays the operator ID performing the update. You must wait until the operator shown has completed use of the screen before proceeding.

Spectrum validates the transaction details during this report/update's compilation process. If an error is found during the compilation, the G/L Error Correction screen automatically displays, allowing you to enter the necessary changes. Once you close the G/L Error Correction screen, Spectrum will recompile the data and apply the corrections; the report will reprint automatically.

When a related-party vendor is entered, the override retention payable G/L account will default in the A/P retention field. If left blank, the G/L account from the General Ledger Installation screen will default.

Note: If you cancel out of the A/P Transaction Report/Update screen before completing the update, the changes made in the G/L Error Correction screen will not be saved to the A/P G/L distribution history file.
Important: This report should be retained as a permanent audit record of the company.