Change Invoice Due Dates - Field Descriptions

Use this table for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Enter the vendor code for whom an invoice change is to be made.

Entry type

Credits are entered with positive dollar amounts. The system recognizes credit memos as negative amounts.

Invoice number

Enter the number of the invoice/credit memo to be altered.

Subcontract #

After the invoice number has been entered, the subcontract number displays, if applicable.


Invoice date

G/L date


P.O. number

The invoice dates and purchase order number (if available) display. No changes are allowed.


This checkbox is enabled for job invoices assigned pay-when-paid in the Job Setup screen.

A Release Note button also displays and will signal if note text is available (this text can be edited). After the A/P invoice has been released, the window will also display the name of the operator who released the transaction and the release date OR the auto-release date during the Cash Receipts update.

Accounting will not be able to select any invoice in the Payment Selection screen with the Pay-when-paid? checkbox selected. If it is deemed that the invoice should be paid, you must come to this Change Invoice Due Dates page to release it. Alternatively, you can use the Job Payables page as well.

Pay date

The payment due date display, but changes may be made by using the drop-down arrow.

On hold?

Select this checkbox to place this item on hold, otherwise leave the checkbox clear.


This remark will print on the vendor's check stub. Because this invoice has already updated, changes to this remarks field will not be reflected in Time + Material or Job Cost.




The current invoice discount terms display. Changes are allowed.



Retention %


The invoice amount, retention percentage, and retention dollar amount displays. No changes are allowed.

Remit to alternate payment location?

If the Default payment location? checkbox is selected in the Vendor Locations screen, the remit checkbox will automatically be selected and the Location code defaults, along with the corresponding name and address. You can use the available drop-down arrow to select a different location code.

If no location code is present, the vendor name and address displays.