Enter a Vendor Invoice

Follow these steps when entering new vendor invoices or to finish entering invoices uploaded from Automatic Invoicing.

The software can determine whether the invoice is related to purchase order receiving or to a subcontract already set up in the current company. A single invoice may be distributed to multiple G/L accounts, jobs, phases, and cost types.
Invoices have four components:
  • Header fields
  • Payment Plan fields
  • Optional windows
  • Grid fields

To get started:

  1. On the Site Map, go to Accounts Payable > Data Entry > Vendor Invoices.
    The Vendor Invoice Entry screen displays.
  2. If you want to route this invoice for Invoice Approval, select Route for approval.
    The default reviewer's name appears, based on the routing code.
  3. To finish entering and save an invoice uploaded from Automatic Invoicing:
    1. Click the Pending Auto Invoices button, then click Go.
      The Pending Auto Invoices screen displays a list of invoices uploaded from Automatic Invoicing.
      Note: If you want the screen to open automatically, select Preferences > Always open 'Search Pending Automatic Invoices' when adding a new invoice?.
    2. Double click a row in the grid to choose an invoice.
      The invoice's field values are already populated or become so as you move from field to field.
    3. Press Tab to proceed through all fields and make changes only if needed.
  4. To enter an invoice manually, press Tab to move from each field to the next, entering data as you proceed.
Refer to these Help pages if needed.