Reverse Invoice Update 3

This update screen displays when you have security access to the A/P Transaction Register / Update screen, and either the Manual Check Register / Update or Check Register / Update screen. In addition, the G/L dates associated with the invoice and credit memo are within the same fiscal period. Therefore, the option to transfer the matching items directly to history will also be provided.

If the G/L account is set to 'Direct equipment cost', the Equipment code and Cost category code will be updated from the invoice distribution line.

Before the update is completed, the system will compare the current Accounts Payable minimum and maximum date rage (of the company the transaction will be posted to) with the General Ledger date that the operator assigned to the reversal.
Note: If a G/L account code error is found, an error correction widow automatically displays, allowing you to record any needed changes. After you correct the errors and close the error correction window, the report will reprint automatically; the system will substitute the corrections made and will validate all entries. The system will also perform a test to confirm that the sum of the debit amounts equals the sum of the credit amounts within the same fiscal period. Error must be corrected before proceeding with the update. Additionally, a message will display below each disallowed detail line to indicate the specific problem.