Manual Check Entry

Manual Check Entry is used to enter manual check information into the Accounts Payable system.

Multiple invoices may be paid with one check. Retention amounts can also be paid by manual check entry. During manual check entry, the software reviews vendor history and check reconciliation files to confirm that this check has not already been recorded.

Manual Check Entry performs the Document Tracking Item Maintenance as part of the invoice selection process, thereby disallowing invoices to be selected for payment if any open items exist for the invoice or an associated subcontract. If open items exist, the Status column will display as 'Pymt disallowed' for these rows. This screen also checks for Action #2 (Warning message).

If item-by-item detail from the Accounts Payable module should be posted to the General Ledger, select the Post Accounts Payable detail check box in the General Ledger > G/L Master File Maintenance screen. When you select this checkbox, your postings break down into individual day transactions and post separately. The only draw back to this is that the G/L Trial Balance Report will increase in size if your company processes a high volume of A/P transactions. Therefore, it is recommended that an update be done after each A/P manual check if the checks will be posted with future check dates. This way Spectrum will treat them as separate updates and post them to the appropriate dates.

Note: If the Cash Management module is installed, this check will be recorded upon entry in the Cash Management Bank Reconciliation Entry screen. Any subsequent changes or deletions will also be reflected in the Bank Reconciliation Entry screen.
Important: If the manual check was recorded as a pre-paid check during invoice entry, this screen is not used.

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