Instant Manual Check Information

Use the Instant manual check option if an invoice has already been paid.

For example, if a C.O.D. order is delivered, a check will immediately be generated for the delivery person. Typically, invoices are entered as they are received, and paid at a later date. Based on Accounts Payable Installation setting to issue instant manual checks, a check for this invoice will optionally print upon completion of entry.

There are several criteria for use of instant manual checks:

  • The payment must be made in full. (Any retention associated with an item will be paid if the prepaid method is used.)

  • The check date must fall within the same period as the expense date (G/L date).

  • The invoice can't already be entered and updated.

  • You must know the check number.

  • The printer must be ready to print.

Otherwise, enter the invoice and update, then use Manual Check Entry to record the manual check.

Add-on options

  • If applicable, select the Correct Add-on option and click Preview to review the checks and the Auto-Signature setup to find a signature location for the operator and company and to see if an AP check limit is defined. If the signature file is not found a warning message will appear and the signature will not be printed.

  • For more information on the Auto Signature product, click here.

  • For more information on the MICR product, click here.