Reprinting Checks

If Checks is selected after the checks are printed, the WARNING - Checks have been printed window will display. This message is intended to prevent inadvertent duplicate printing of checks. Click OK to continue.

After identifying the appropriate checks to be reprinted, select the following options from the A/P Check Print screen if applicable.

  • Checks: Click Checks only to reprint the checks and file a copy of the printed checks after the check print.

  • Remittance advice: When reprinting checks, click the Remittance advice only option to print up to 12 lines of remittance information on a check stub. From the Accounts Payable Installation screen other options are available, if more than 12 lines need to be included on a check. To reprint checks, in the Print remittance advice field of the Accounts Payable Installation screen, enter one of the following:

    • Enter N for no to print 12 lines on the check stub and any additional lines on voided checks which are automatically voided and appear in the Manual Check Log.

    • Enter Y for yes to print, "See Separate Remittance Advice Report" on the check instead of printing the remittance information. After all checks are printed, a separate report is printed on plain paper for each vendor exceeding 12 lines of remittance detail.

      The Remittance Advice Report can be printed on any printer. Checks (AP.CHKC1) can be printed on one printer and the Remittance Advice Report (AP.CHKC3) on a different printer. The Admittance Advice Report screen will display by pressing Enter immediately to avoid changing paper.

  • Both: Click the Both checks and Remittance Advice option to reprint the selected checks and the remittance advice.