Search Unassigned Documents

Use this window to process the list of the Accounts Payable unassigned invoices that have already been scanned in to a batch.

By default, this window shows only Accounts Payable unassigned invoice batches, but you may use the Payroll and Other buttons to see other batch types.

If you have security permission to see other operators' batches, you may enter a different operator code or select ALL). You can also use this window to add notes or view the batch information or even make changes to the batch (if you have security access to the Document Imaging > Unassigned Documents feature).

  1. Select the batch that you want to process and click OK.
    The Search Unassigned Documents window closes and the Batch Window opens.
  2. Extract the first invoice and begin data entry.
    After entering the first invoice, the Invoice Totals window displays and you may choose between continuing to edit the current invoice, entering the next invoice, or deleting the entire invoice.
    Note: If you select to enter the next invoice, the new image in the Current Document tab of the Batch Window immediately overwrites any existing image files for this invoice.
  3. As batches are processed, they are removed from this list and from the Document Imaging > Unassigned Documents screen.