Subcontract Change Order Log

This screen allows project managers to edit subcontract changes directly in connection with change request processing for the job.

Because all subcontract costs are associated with a change request, costs and quantity are automatically shown in the Subcontract Change Orders, and this screen allows the subcontractor's change order numbers to be assigned. By setting the status field to Executed, revisions using Subcontract Change Orders, A/P and Job Cost figures are easily kept up-to-date with the latest job information. When Subcontract revisions are recorded, the subcontract files are updated to provide up-to-date tracking. Job Cost records may also be updated, based on Accounts Payable Installation fields. Typically, this is the procedure for change orders:

  1. Enter subcontract change orders in the A/R Change Request Log screen.

  2. Set status of accepted Proposed change orders to Executed in the Subcontract Change Orders screen. Status changes will be reflected in the A/P projected cost and committed cost files.

  3. Print change orders (optional).

    Change orders are entered in the A/R Change Request Log as Proposed, then changed to Executed after approval has been received. When changing the status, you will be prompted to enter in the subcontract change order number.

    Note: A warning displays when the change order status is revised from Executed back to Proposed and the resulting billed-to-date total exceeds the new revised contract amount. This affects the amount that you owe your subs; changes shown here will be reflected in the main Subcontracts screen.