Send a Copy of the Form to Subcontractors

Use this procedure to send a copy of the form to subcontractors.

  1. Complete the selection fields.
  2. At the Signed status field:
    • Select Signed to print only executed change orders.
    • Select Unsigned to print only change orders which have been proposed but not yet approved.
    • Select Both to print all change orders regardless of status.
  3. Click Preview.
    If you have selected a specific vendor and job, the software compiles a list of the email addresses for all active vendor contacts who are assigned to the subcontract job.
  4. While viewing the form, click Email.
    A 'Send E-mail' window opens and automatically attaches a PDF of the Form. The Subject, Message text and To e-mail addresses of all active contacts for this vendor and job default.
  5. Edit the mail message and click Send.