Manual Check Entry - Cost Center Information

If the cost center feature is enabled in the Enterprise Installation screen, Spectrum verifies that you have permission to access the vendor. Spectrum compares the vendor's list of shared cost centers with cost centers in your operator's assigned cost center scheme, and if there are no common cost centers, then manual checks for that vendor are not selected.

Spectrum verifies that your operator has permission to select invoices for payment on the manual check and compares the cost center assigned in the invoice with cost centers in your assigned scheme, and if the invoice cost center is not included, then the invoice cannot be selected. Also, you can only add invoices and credit memos assigned the same cost center as specified in the heading of the screen.

Inter-post accounts

This screen allows you to process Accounts Payable payments from across multiple cost centers in the same processing group. Manual Check Entry includes security that assures a valid payment inter-post G/L account is present before allowing selection of invoices that have a different assigned cost center than the designated 'payment cost center' for the current processing group.